Your Enthusiast Staff:

Indian Motorcycle of Northern Kentucky is owned and staffed by avid motorcycle enthusiasts. EVERY employee rides. We love motorcycles and motorcycle people. We share your passion, so we know what you want and how you want to be treated. These folks make sure your experience at our shop is more like a club, rather than a high pressure dealership.

Brett Moxley - General Sales Manager

Brett Moxley

General Sales Manager
Phone: 859-534-2240 Ext 300
Brett is a life long motorcycle enthusiast, riding since he was 11 yrs old, and has been in the business for over 30 years. He has extensive experience operating Indian and Harley-Davidson dealerships - making motorcycle friends across the Tri-State. He is the Wikipedia of motorcycles!
MIchelle Moxley - Administrative Assistant

MIchelle Moxley

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (859)534-2240
Being married to a lifetime motorcycle executive, Michelle lives and breaths motorcycles. She's an avid co-rider and rider, dreaming about getting her own Indian one of these days. When not keeping our paperwork straight, you'll find her on the showroom floor visiting with our motorcycle customers.
Mike King - Service & Parts Director

Mike King

Service & Parts Director
Phone: 859-534-2240 Ext 307
Mike has been in the motorcycle industry 8 years now after attending MMI, he has been wrenching locally this whole time and is very excited to offer his help to you.
Logan Hager - Parts & Service Advisor

Logan Hager

Parts & Service Advisor
Logan has been in customer service for 9 years. He's a motorcycle enthusiast and avid rider. He really knows his way around motorcycles. More likely than not, he will be the first person you see when you walk into our dealership.
Kiel Abshear - Technician

Kiel Abshear

Kiel graduated MMI, and has been professionally working on motorcycles for 13 years. In addition to being fully certified on Indian, Victory, and Slingshot, Kiel has extensive experience working on metric bikes. He's also a racing enthusiast, having raced motocross and ATVs.
Scott Bond - Motorcycle Sales

Scott Bond

Motorcycle Sales
Phone: 859-534-2240 Ext 308
Scott a.k.a. "Big Papa" has been is sales for over 20 years. He is always working on behalf of the rider to facilitate the best customer experience possible. Scott has been married for over 30 years, has four adult children, and six granddaughters. He is passionate about his faith, family, and friends, and enjoys riding, good food, and lots of coffee.
Don Cecconi - Sales & Marketing

Don Cecconi

Sales & Marketing
Phone: 859-534-2240 Ext 315
After working for 40 years in the automotive OEM business, Don is now in his dream job. He's an avid motorcycle enthusiast, riding since 1980. He likes riding his touring bike and vintage Hondas, but not as much as he loves riding his Indian Scout around Northern Kentucky back roads. He's passionate about re-establishing Indian to its proper place among motorcycle brands.
Jesse McDonald - Motorcycle Sales

Jesse McDonald

Motorcycle Sales
Phone: (859) 534-2240
Jesse comes from a motorcycle background with 7 years experience selling American made big twins. He's excited to meet new enthusiasts and reconnect with the motorcycle community he already knows. He enjoys riding and owns a couple classic Harleys.
Joel Castillo - Sales Support

Joel Castillo

Sales Support
Joel has been an avid motorcyclist for 25 years, currently riding an Electra Glide Classic. He keeps the showroom and motorcycles spic&span, and operates our motorcycle delivery service. He's also the official Indian Motorcycle NKY grill master, whipping up cook out lunches for our customers during the summer!
Bob Reineke - Sales Support

Bob Reineke

Sales Support
Bob is an NKY native. He's also a music lover and lifelong gearhead & motorcyclist, his current ride is a custom Indian Roadmaster. He is responsible for reconditioning and detailing our used motorcycles as well as operating our fork lift and delivering motorcycles. Bob can be found at "Bike Night" every Thursday evening!